1.0 A Proposal to set up a waiting area.

    1. Golden Screen Cinema or known as GSC is the largest chain of cinemas in Malaysia. GSC was founded in 1981 as Golden Communication Circuit but later its name was changed to GSC when Golden Communication (GC) Circuit merged with Cathay Cinemas in 1998. There are 23 GSC cinemas in Malaysia including East Malaysia. The biggest GSC cinema is located at Mid Valley Megamall, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The first GSC cinema to operate in Malaysia was opened in Kota Kinabalu on 14 July 1981. With the opening of the 8-screen cinema exclusively in Tropicana City Mall on June 23, 2009, GSC operates the largest circuit with a total of 212 screens in 24 locations. 37841 seats all throughout the country. All of which are located in prime sites in major cities and towns throughout the country.

    2. A waiting area for GSC customers should be provided at every chain of GSC.This waiting area completed with facilities that will help to satisfied the need of GSC’s customers. However as an initial step, the waiting area can be set up at One Borneo, Kota Kinabalu Sabah. The facilities includes Television (LCD) to entertain the customers while waiting for time to entering the hall, magazines racks   to provide reading materials for customers, Vending machine for snack, fast food and soft drinks, seats so that customer can rest, toush screen kiosk to preview the latest movie trailler of GSC and Wireless Internal Access (WiFi).

1. Problems Statement

  2.1 Customer lost interest as there are no waiting area.

        Customers are tired waiting for the movie to start because there are no comfortable place to rest in between movies. Some people might go shopping while waiting for the movie to start but those who don’t want to wander around can rest in GSC waiting area. Customers not only can rest but they can surf the internet, read magazines or they also can buy foods from the vending machine that we provided....