Trent Rogers

My 10 Activities
Finger painting
Finger paint on a plate to give to your family
Write a song about someone you love, or something you like doing.
Show and Tell
Bring a box full of items, photos, toys, and etc. to express yourself.
Story Time
Write your own story about whatever you want! Fiction or non-fiction.
Family Portrait
Draw a picture of you and your family doing an activity you all enjoy doing.
Make a piñata and fill it with candy, toys, or anything you want to share with the class.
Self Portrait
Get a picture of yourself from home and draw yourself the best you can.
Dominos Tower
          Get in groups with a few friends and see which group can build the tallest, and coolest tower without it falling.
Open Mic
You all get a chance to come to the front of the class and tell one of your favorite jokes, or stories.
Using crayons and glue try to make the best, and coolest sculpture you can!

My 10 Foods/Snacks
PB & J Tacos
Tacos with peanut butter and jelly!!!
Edible House
          Using candy, marshmallows, peanut butter, and graham crackers make your own house and once you finish you can eat it if you like!
You each get a cupcake and get to decorate it however you like and eat it!!
The Donut Shop
          You get to make your own donut! After making it you can decorate it with frosting, sprinkles, jelly or whatever you like!
Grilled Cheese (
          Each get a grill cheese and get to draw on it with edible crayon! Draw whatever you want all over it!!! Don’t worry!! You can still eat it!
Cheese and Crackers Sculpture
Using Cheese and crackers make your own sculpture of your favorite toy!!
Fruit Time!!
          Get in groups!! You each get a fruit and have to come up with a skit using your fruits you have been given!
Chips, Cheese, and Sprinkles
Nachos covered with...