Topics covered:

What methods are used during Footprinting to gather information?

How Social Engineering techniques are used to gather information

What vulnerabilities Web Servers have?

How SQL injection can occur and the damage that can occur


This presentation will discuss Footprinting, Social Engineering, Web Server Vulnerabilities and SQL Injection

These techniques provide a hacker with technical and non-technical tools to perform intelligence gathering and hacker attacks against individuals and companies

The goal of this discussion is to help identify and prevent such attacks from occurring

Education and training are the foundations to preventing identity theft, web defacement, and confidential company data theft. Only by identify each and every individual about these methods and techniques are these attacks prevented and/or stopped

Footprinting – An Analysis

“Footprinting is the process of using various tools and techniques to understand and learn the best way to attack a target.” (McGreevy, J. P. (2002))

Contact information, phone numbers, physical location, IP addresses, web services, databases, and hardware configurations are all useful information obtained while footprinting a target organization.
Foot printing is similar to reconnaissance. It is the initial steps in hacking and has a goal of determining as much data as possible about an organization without actually making
contact with the organization.

This means all data gathered by footprinting is data that is out on the internet.

Tools such as the ones listed provide basic information for building an overall picture of the target

Whois - Whois lookup is used to get information of the site soidisante.com. This is one of the best tools for footprinting. Whois is used to check whether a particular Internet domain name is available. For ethical hacking, Whois provides the following information that can give a hacker a leg up to...