H&S and Risk Manangement Nvq5

Develop Health and Safety and risk management procedures and practices in health and social care.

My duties with regards to health and safety are to provide a safe environment for myself, the staff and the tenants that live in the accommodation and any other member of he public that may come into contact with the premises. The primary piece of legislation I use to do this is the Health and Safety at work Act 1974. This act tells me all of my responsibilities and those of the staff and it also lists other acts relevant to the work environment.
There are a wide list of health and safety hazards in the business environment, to identify these we use a method of risk assessments. Risk assessments cover the activities the tenants do, any piece of equipment staff use it identifies hazards, gives clear instructions on how to do a job safely and how to minimise risk whilst doing it. I update and check all of them regularly and amend them should any risks be identified or accidents happen. We have a health and safety policy and every member of staff   are trained in its contents. Sometimes individuals within my care want to take risks these risks are assessed and   developed to enable the individual to participate in activities by removal of as many hazards as possible by minimising the risk to an acceptable level.
Other areas that are covered within these assessments are safeguarding, coshh , manual handling operations 1992, management of health and safety at work , Puwer , loler   riddor 2, fire safety order, first aid.   All staff are trained in these areas and are aware that they must take responsibility for their own safety and ensure that their actions provide a harm and danger free environment for anyone around them. We have clear methods of reporting potential hazards. All staff are provided with ppe and are advised to wear it at all times. Care plans and risk assessments are always available to for staff to refer to to maintain the standards required.
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