Guns Germ Steel

Guns, Germs, and Steel
Chapter 1: Up to the Starting Line
  1. What was the Great Leap Forward?
The Great Leap Forward hinted the beginning of the Great Leap Forward from, the “leap that came from East African sites.” In other words, these East African sites are geographical ranges located in the land of Eurasia, also known as Europe and Asia today. 50,000 years ago, human history started the Great Leap Forward when the East African sites gave the impression of artifacts such as preserved jewelry, and standardized stoned tools. This Great Leap Forward took place in a geographical area where a group of humans that were capable of expanding and could also replace the prior human population. Estimated about 10,000 years ago,   where modern human skulls, from Africa were taken the support that the leap occurred specifically in Africa.
Australia and New Guinea were once separate from each other but them came together to create one continent, with the use of the first watercrafts, estimated about 40,000-30,000 years ago. But other theories have come around that the extinction of half of large animal species by humans. Now both Australia and New Guinea didn’t have massive mammals along but once had varied mammals that could get up to 400 lbs. All of these animals disappeared simultaneously.   The Clovis culture was established 13,500 years ago that corresponds to the end of the Pleistocene Era. When the last Ice Age began to collapse the Bering Strait became flooded because of the glaciers and the establishment of the Recent Era began.
2. Describe the life of a Cro-Magnon person
All of the Cro-Magnon’s that were found were; fully modern skeletons of humans, that were located in the eastern, and southeastern and also, in southwestern part of Europe. Cro-Magnons bones were found approximately 40,000 years ago and they were different from us modern humans today. These species of humans were hunter-gatherers, meaning that they hunted, fished and collected wild food....