Gun Laws

Gun Laws in America
I think that gun laws are becoming too strict I America. The second amendment of the United States Bill of Rights is the right to bear arms. That’s because it gives you the basic human right to defend yourself, using any means necessary.   Just like your right to eat, sleep, live, love, and laugh.   And you have the right to defend all these things that make up your identity. The people who created the Bill of Rights recognized how important it is for people to have the ability to protect themselves from all kinds of threats small and large. To be able to bear arms gives every individual small amount of power to defend themselves and the ability to join together and fight against any enemy.
People seem to forget that our country was pretty much founded on guns. There is an article written by Dave Kopel, called America’s fascination with firearms, this book explains the significant role that firearms played in securing our nations independence. If Americans didn’t have guns then the United States probably wouldn’t even exist.   The United States won there independence from Great Britain by using firearms. We are not the only example of this either, many countries today came from people having a revolution and changing their ruling powers. Every nation should have an armed society to keep it’s government in check.
There are many people who would argue that the large amount of people who own guns in the U.S. contributes to the crime and murder rate in our country. But there are two sides to every issue, for instance Switzerland, with one of the the highest rates of gun ownership in the world has one of the lowest crime rates. In Switzerland all men are trained in the use of military grade assault weapons, and they are required to keep these weapons in their homes. An article written by Stephen P. Halbrook , brings to light how common it is to see Swiss people living everyday life with a rifle slung over their shoulder. Shooting to the Swiss is...