Gun Control

In recent year the media has been shining light on how the African American women define beauty within their community and the effect it has on the young women. For years, African American women was told that they had to compete with white women. They had to be slim. Their hair had to be long and straight like a white woman. If you was a light skinned African American woman, you were more accepted than a darker skin African American woman. This has played a big part on the mental health of a lot of African American young women. A lot of darker skin African American young women are bleaching their skin, buying hair weave, and wigs. The music industry features the lighter African American women. Movies depict the lighter women. All these aspect plays with the psychology part of a young woman mind. Their mental well-being. Especially in the African American community.
Advocacy Methods
Advocacy methods is to promote beauty as well as mental health in the African American communities amongst the young females. Especially the darker skin African American females. We have to teach them that beauty comes from the inside. Also teach them that no matter how light or dark they are, they are still beautiful. Beauty comes in all different shades, sizes, shapes. Methods on how I would promote that My Black Is Beauty? I would do a PowerPoint presentation of me at different phrases in my life. I was a young skinny, nappy headed young girl, to a slender, relaxed hair teenager, to a voluptuous, natural hair, young adult. At all these different phrases of my life I was told that I looked good. There were times I did hear I was ugly or fat but I did not let it get me down, because my grandmother instilled in me that it’s not what they call you it’s what you answer to! If you believe you are beauty that is all that matter! And these are the very words that I encourage my daughters and mentor my students with. It takes a village to raise a child. Inner beauty outshines outer beauty....