Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Due to lack of energy resources and high demand of energy consumption, more energy supply is needed. However because we are depending on non-renewable resources and overusing it a lot, those are getting hard to recover and find out. Therefore many scientists are trying to find and develop the new way to get energy. However non-renewable resources are still important resources to us; consequence, some companies are taking out fossil fuel from the deep sea, because there are no new gold mines in the world except in the deep sea. Indeed, the deep sea is not a safe place for drilling operation but companies pay the best attention to only profits. As a result, companies keep drilling and taking out the fossil fuel, operations might cause a crisis though.

BP, one of the companies that taking the fossil fuel from the deep sea, has been saying safety of the operations, but in April, a big accident, which was called BP oils spill, happened. BP oil spill is known as one of the worst oil accidents in the history. Oil leaking, which was caused by an explosion of drilling rig Deepwater horizon was at 5.000 feet below the surface (Robertson, 2010)i. In the end, it took 153 days to finish stop leaking, and during oil spill, more than 4 million barrels of oils were spewed into the sea. Reasons of why damage of the accident expanded were technical difficulty of the operation and a low motivation of workers for safety that environmentalists warned (Hays, 2010)ii.  

A main working field of an energy industry has moved to the deep sea, but due to a location, companies had to take new risks; therefore BP oil spill was a natural effect. The contents of the subject from the handout are basically agreeable for me in accord with the above, but I found some lack of objectivity from the subject. For instance, BP is not the only one who has to take the responsibility but others, namely, rig owner Transocean and contractor Halliburton also should take responsibility for the accident....