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Guillermo Furniture Store – Selling the Business

Another option that remains available, one that is not one of Guillermo’s favorite alternatives is the option to be acquired by a larger company. Guillermo has stated that he is not a fan of this option as he would prefer not to hand over the company to a larger firm that would ‘squeeze every peso it could out of overhead costs’ (University of Phoenix, 2009). The idea of being retired at this point in his life seems to be one that is not very appealing to him either. That being said, in the midst of all this growing competition, selling off the company remains a very viable alternative to expanding his operation and losing out on time with his family. It is time for Guillermo to weigh the alternatives and take account of the things that are important to him, and if he does that and comes to the conclusion that spending the time with his family is what he wants in this stage of his life; then the success that he has seen through the years and selling off the company will make him a happy man.

The obvious benefit that Guillermo receives from selling the company is that he removes himself of the stress and time consumption that comes with running a company with high competition. He also gets all the time that he needs with his family as listed before. While Guillermo does not want to be retired, he is still able to keep himself occupied by doing some other little work so as to not just get bored, but in the long run he affords himself the opportunity to do the things that he enjoys.

The other alternatives that Guillermo is faced with would require him to provide a in depth 5 yr. Pro forma cash flow budget to help him budget and prepare for the investments that he would take on. In the case of Guillermo taking on this new alternative, he is not faced with that anymore. While he is selling off his future successes with this company he is also selling off the debt that comes with maintaining this operation,...