Grumpy Old Men Essay

old men ess The movie Grumpy Old Men is a comedy about two old men who live next to each other and just cannot seem to get along. John played by Jack Lemmon and Max played by Walter Matthau fight about everything from fishing to the beautiful new widowed neighbor Aireal played by Ann-Margret.   This movie will keep you laughing from the beginning to the end.
The movie begins with Jack hiding from the IRS agent that keeps beating on his door he eventually ends up face to face with him and Max is standing right next to him. Max does not give him up to the agent but he doesn’t pass up the chance to make up stuff about him and call him every low down dirty name in the book. The pranks continue though out the whole movie. From putting a dead fish in the back of Max’s car to Max changing the channel on john’s television from the window while john is trying to get the lotto numbers of the news. The circle of pulling a prank and then getting even continues until jack has a heart attack. Then Max realizes that john is really his best and only friend. Max starts giving the IRS agent a hard time and his son gets a stop order then gets the penalties and interest waved so Max then pay off the IRS and at the end he gives John the deed to his house at his wedding. John and Aireal then drive away and find a dead fish in the floor of the limo.
I think this movie shows us that sometimes even when we hold grudges, our best friend is the person we hate first. I have always been told that in order to hate someone you first have to love them. Grumpy Old Men shows Max and John as childhood buddies. The feud starts over a woman and then gets fueled by another woman and in the end they find that it is their friendship that matters most. Max gives in when John has a heart attack because he realizes what it would be like if John was gone. In society how many times do we hear or go through a death of someone we love and have held a grudge with over something we cannot even remember and...