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i) Company’s Background
Incorporated in 1994, PUSPAKOM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DRB-HICOM. It is Malaysia’s first and only comprehensive national vehicle inspection company that is authorized by the Malaysian Government. It was awarded a 15-year concession to undertake computerized vehicle inspections for all commercial vehicles. Through its network of 71 branches nationwide and mobile units, it performs more than 3 million inspections with more than 1.5 million customers annually. In addition to mandatory inspections set out under The Road Transport Act 1987, PUSPAKOM has diversified and expanded its services to carry out inspections for private vehicles related to assessment prior to financing and auction as well as valuation and voluntary inspections. Its creditable performance has resulted in the renewal of the concession for another 15 years beginning 1 September 2009. This paves the way for it to realize its vision to be globally recognized authority in vehicle safety certification.

PUSPAKOM is fully equipped with the state-of-the-art computerized vehicle inspection equipment. The computerized system is secured and real time data transfer to Road Transport Department. PUSPAKOM is also supported by its highly competent personnel in providing excellent services to its customers in the most conducive environment. There are 5 main benefits inspecting a vehicle in PUSPAKOM.

1. Safety: By inspecting our vehicle at least twice a year will detect any mechanical problems that may jeopardize your vehicle’s roadworthiness.

2. Confidence: Thorough vehicle inspection gives you a greater sense of confidence and assurance knowing that your vehicle in optimum condition.

3. Environment: Have your vehicle inspected to ensure that your vehicle does not emit excessive smoke and noxious gases that pollute our environment in accordance to the environment Act 1974

4. Cost Saving: a 10 point inspection helps you detect an ascertain any...