Growth in Global Ammunition Industry to Be Fueled by Increasing Demand from Military and Civilian Sectors

The global ammunition market derives its demand from the rising concern regarding the increasing crime rate around the world. The industry has entered a new phase of development after years of maturity. The increased responsibilities of federal, state level, and local bodies for prevention of terror attacks and the response attentiveness are the key reasons contributing to this growth. The resurgence of demand from the military and the civilian sectors is expected to aid the development in the global ammunition industry in the near future. However, apparent cut in budgets by various governments, the high cost involved in operating and maintaining a product line in a commercial manner and the capital investments for novel technology are a few factors limiting the growth of this market.

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In 2012, the global ammunition industry reached US$9,235.8 million. But, during the period of 2013 to 2019, the market is expected to experience sluggish growth at a 1.3% CAGR to create fortunes amounting US$10,093.1 million by the end of the period of the forecast.

Future of Global Ammunition Industry Lies in Large Caliber, Small Arm ammunition, and Defense Sector

Large caliber, medium caliber, small caliber, naval, mortar, artillery, and aircraft ammunition are the major types of ammunitions traded in the global industry. The market for large caliber ammunition headed the global ammunition industry based on types in 2012. The trend is likely to be continued during the next couple of years as well.

The global ammunition market majorly trades in products such as small arm ammunition, torpedoes, rockets, missiles and warheads, bombs such as rocket bombs and grenades, and mines and other explosives. In 2012, the market for small arm ammunition led the overall ammunition industry. Industry experts predict that this product market will maintain its dominance among...