Group Memo

Amy Everett

Group Communication Assignment


Business Communication for Accountants

November 11, 2015

interoffice memorandum

|to:                 |New manager                                                                                                 |
|from:               |amy everett                                                                                                 |
|subject:           |welcome aboard                                                                                               |
|date:               |November 11, 2015                                                                                           |
|                   |                                                                                                             |

Welcome to the team! We are thrilled to have you. I noticed that you are somewhat new to this type of work as you have a previous background in accounting, thus I have written a memo to you with some information to help guide you through the communication process with the group. Communication is key in this department, as well as being able to promptly handle the situation the best way possible. I have learned a lot during my time here by trial and error, so to help make the transition and connection easier on you I will share some of my experiences within the group which I believe will help you along the way. I have taken the time to break down the memo into three groups for quick and easy access to reference whenever needed.

Barrier Analysis

Interaction with one another is very important but is not always easy. There are many barriers that may exist in group communication. Cultural and language barriers are some examples that currently exist. Personal culture and work cultures will affect how someone perceives a message. Linguistic differences also lead to communication breakdowns; the same word may mean different...