Group Influence

Task 1
Drawing on appropriate evidence from Chapter 5, describe how groups can influence people in positive and negative ways.
Part A
Sketch out a plan for an essay to answer this question
Set the scene for the essay describing the type of positive and negative influences
Main body
Write in the academic style
Draw on the relevant evidence and decipher which examples show group influences.
Only cite page numbers when giving direct quotation from book.
Explain social theory and the three categories from Henri Tajfel and John Turner
Evidence the influences through cited experiments Asch’s, Sherifs and Kondo’s story
Only cite Spoors et al and not own theories or opinions
Reference the experiments and remember the type of referencing
Keep within 10% of the 1000 words required

Sum up the body of what’s been stated refer back to the points evidence and examples
This report will describe how groups can influence people in positive and negative ways. Evidence will show that groups can give people a sense of belonging and identity though it can lead to negative behaviour towards other groups. Examples of positive and negative influences will be shown in the report outlining how group members will make decisions for the good of a group regardless of individual beliefs and how negative influences can pressure people to the extent they believe they are losing their own identity and show hostile feelings towards other groups.

Belonging to a group can give an individual a sense of identity this can help us define ourselves and allow others to define us.   It can also raise our self esteem and sense of status.   Henri Tajfel and John Turner (1979 as cited in Spoors et al, 2010) formed the Social Identity Theory which gives three stages of an individual’s response to joining a group and how membership of social groups forms a significant part of how a person sees themselves to the extent that the individual responds as a group member...