Group Effectiveness

Elks Wrestling
John Doe
MGT 415
Mrs. Jane Doe
February 8, 2010

Elks Wrestling

      One of the groups I used to belong to was my high school wrestling team, the “Elks.”   Our group was comprised of the coaches, trainers, wrestlers, and stat girls.   Together we made up an effective group and it was shown by us getting first place in our league championship.
      We had quite a few roles in our group.   The coaches were there to teach us and give us support.   The trainers were there to fix us up from our numerous injuries and help us get in our best physical shape.   The stat girls helped us by keeping the stats of our matches which helped us analyze some of the things we needed to work on and get better at.   The wrestlers’ roles were to learn as much as possible, get in good shape, and kick the other guys’ butt.
      I was with most everyone in the group for roughly four years.   Many of us had our issues and didn’t always get along, but eventually we were forced to get along as we all wanted to get better and do well as we were all competitive and did not like losing.   We wanted to win.   This common goal brought us together and together we worked harder than we ever had to accomplish the goals we had set.
      Every day we pushed one another and kept one another in check.   Constantly we battled to see who would work harder, who would run faster, who would finish first.   This constant pressure kept us focused; a task not so easily done without the help and motivation by those around us.   We weren’t allowed to be negative as negativity brought on doubt, and doubt brought on losses.   Losing for us was not an option.
      Together these things brought us closer together.   We developed relationships as friends and trusted one another as we had each others’ best interest at heart.   We all became better and helped one another to become very good wrestlers.   This enabled us to eventually be one of the best high school wrestling teams in our state.   We won our...