Ground Rules

My main role as a teacher should be to teach my subject in a way that actively involves and engages my learners during every session. However, it’s not just about teaching, it’s also about the learning that takes place as a result. I should use clear language at an appropriate level and in terms my learners will understand, motivating them to want to learn more.
A suitable learning environment is crucial for effective learning to take place. This involves not only the venue and resources used, but also my attitude and the support I give to my learners. Creating a good first impression, being organised and professional should help my learners feel they are in good hands.
A good first impression will help establish a positive working relationship with my learners. The way I dress, act, respond to questions, offer support, will also influence my learners. By remaining a professional, and not becoming too friendly, I will retain their respect.
Being a professional involves acting with integrity, behaving in the correct manners, and respecting others as you would wish them to respect you. If I demonstrate appropriate behaviour and respect for other, hopefully my learners and others will emulate this.  
Appropriate behaviour includes :
• Agreeing ground rules with learners
• Reporting concerns
• Remaining impartial in any disputes
• Not overstepping the boundaries of my role
• Preparing adequately for sessions
• Adhering to relevant policies and procedures
• Establishing routines
• Liaising and working with others in a professional manner
• Ensuring the learning environment is safe and suitable
• Maintaining up to date records
• Supporting learners as necessary
• Challenging and managing inappropriate behaviour of others
• Being honest, reliable and trustworthy
Establishing ground rules with my learner will help underpin appropriate behaviour and respect throughout their time on the programme.
Ground rules are boundaries, rules and conditions within...