Ground Rules

In order for all learners to be treated fairly, it is imperative that learners and tutors work together to the same set of rules and procedures.
Ground rules are mutually agreed by the learners and the tutor, they help regulate the group and keep discipline.   All group members should participate in order that students feel ownership and thereby have a feeling of belonging as well as defined boundaries.   Having ground rules raises awareness of the need to show mutual respect for each other, ground rules also provide a better learning environment for everyone and can avoid embarrassment.   Having ground rules also stops any form of discrimination such as ageist or racist remarks, ground rules should always be introduced at the beginning of the course, I would ask the learners to consider rules they felt were important, I would address practicalities such as the use of mobile phones during lesson time, each point can be written on a flip chart, I would have a discussion with the whole class and even get the learners to research the internet for ideas which would probably gain them respect and boost their self esteem, obviously I would go over the rules in order to match the ongoing needs of the group, I would put the entirety of rule making their responsibility and would explain to the learners that we all have to work together, so why not have respect for each other at the same time.
I would also make the learners aware that rules can be added anytime; you never know when you might stumble upon something new