Ground Rules

Assignment One
1.1. Review what your role, responsabilities and boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle.
Recommended word count: 500-700 words

The teaching training cycle consist of five stages. These stages are indentifying needs and planning, designing, facilitating, assessing and the final stage is evaluating. Within the cycle a teacher has roles and responsibilities.
First of all a teacher will have to identify the learning needs of the students. This could be achieved by a student evaluation sheet, which details different criteria such as age, gender, background. This could also highlight any additional special needs of some of the students and try to use the appropriate resources to allow learners develop themselves, i.e. large print handouts. Finding out about the learning needs of the students could be done in an initial interview or a written test as well. He must carefully plan the lessons and the timetable of the class such as to cover the syllabus.
Secondly, a good teacher must be a well organized person and he must try to design the course in accordance of the curriculum but bearing in mind the learners needs from the first stage of the training cycle. It is important for him to research the subject and be up-to-date with the latest developments. He has to structure his lessons with clear aims and targets.   At this stage of the training cycle the teacher must tailor his sessions to the learners’ needs. Using visual aids, preparing the teaching style, checking out the actual resources that the school has and visiting the classroom before the course is a must that he has to do. If he is unsure about any of the above he could meet his fellow colleagues and make sure that he will fully take advantage of all the available learning aids.
The third stage of the training cycle is to facilitate learning. It is the teacher’s role to deliver learning to everyone without decimation of gender, race or any other basis. They...