Ground Hog Day

In the movie Groundhog Day, Phil needs to get something right, whatever that is.   He is a very bored of the fact he has to do the same assignment of covering the Groundhog Day ceremony year after year.   After the report he wasn’t to get home as soon as possible but a blizzard comes.   As a weatherman, he didn’t predict this storm.   Now, he is stuck in Punxsutawney for longer than he would wish.   The twist of the story is when he wakes up the next and it’s still Groundhog Day.   This happens for a couple days until he figures out what he needs to do to make it a new day.   He has to be a better person.   He needs to change himself.   That’s the “it”.   So in thus movie, it shows how he changes himself as a person.
      The event of talking to Rita and trying to save the old beggar helps he realize he needs to change.   He tries helping the beggar from dying by giving him food but he wasn’t successful.   The next time, he tries doing CPR on him but sadly that doesn’t work.   He ends up trying to find out every little detail of this girl named Rita.   Rita was his co-worker and a girl he never cared about before.   By the end he falls in love with Rita.
      In those experiences, he has to make choices.   Choices can change anyone’s life and these choices will defiantly change his. He makes a lot of choices to try to get back on the normal routine of day after day instead of the same day everyday.   He does suicides, drunk driving, running away from police, driving over cliffs, and most of all kidnapping the beloved groundhog.   But theses choice didn’t change a thing.   He tries to help every person he can and be a friend to everyone and by doing this he becomes a better person.
      Phil’s experience of changing and repetition is like a person going though the Liturgical cycle.   Phil is going thought the same day (February 2nd) over and over again.   The liturgical year going though over and over and consist of Lent, Advent, Ordinary Time, and other time periods.   During...