Green Street


Green Street Hooligans

Into the world is the process of change in a character as they veer out of their normal life and into another, changing them for the better or the worse. To this subject, I am going to put it into contrast with a text I have studied, which I believe is a good movie that relates to ‘Into The World’. The movie is called ‘Green Street Hooligans’ and is Written and Directed by Lexi Alexander.
The plot of this movie is about a quiet defend less American character named Matt Buckner, who is expelled from Harvard where he is studying Journalism, due to what was believed to be possession of cocaine. Though the cocaine belonged to his rich snobby roommate Jeremy Van Holden and was afraid to speak up, as the Van Holden’s are a powerful Family and didn’t want to ruin their family status. Matt then moves to the England where he plans to stay about his sister and until he figures out what he is going to do with himself. This is where he meets his brother in laws younger brother, Pete Dunham. Pete is a soccer hooligan, but still very loyal to the public. He is the main leader off the Green Street Elite, or GSE, which is a firm that support the West ham United’s Football Team.
The rest of the plot is about Matt realising about loyalty, and brotherhood and how to stand his ground with his newfound friends, yet keeping from them about what he had studied in Harvard, which was journalism, as they despise journalists, and how they always lie in newspaper.
One of there boys finds out and turns rogue, and snitches to the other team, a massive brawl is planned and Pete Dunham is killed. Matt moves back to the states and with his newfound abilities of loyalty and brother hood and most of all, to stand his ground. Therefore he confronts Jeremy Van Holden as he is in the toilet snorting cocaine, and cunningly records what he had to say to blackmail him into bringing him back into Harvard.
Now in relation to INTO THE WORLD, I will be talking...