Greatest Achievement

My greatest achievement is getting successful grades in my first year of college. The overall GPA at the end of my college freshman year was a   3.6. This is so far my greatest achievement because of my high school’s grades was an unimpressive 2.5.   At the end of my high school junior year, my GPA wasn’t even high enough for me to play school sports in which I had the ability to be an outstanding player.   During the four years of high school, the potential inside of me was never shown or never used. Disappointed   from these terrible grades, I decided to change myself in college. There's no short cuts   and every minute, of every day, I spend studying on my courses. My approach to education is not to survive the day but rather conquer the day.   In fact,   not all of my grades are   A’s,   however, I 'm glad this is so.   Since my overall GPA is not a 4.0, I get a sense of determination. A determination to reach for straight A’s, and continue to show that I can successfully succeed in a college environment. Getting a 3.6,   my first year of college is certainly my greatest achievement so far.   Without a doubt, in many ways this tells me that my high school grades did not represent me.   It   was a lack of me not being focus.   Therefore, my current   GPA of   a 3.6,   is a sign to me that I'm on my way of   achieving   my goals and dreams.