Great Power

Balloons are an easy eye-catcher when dealing with kids. While a simple balloon may seem common and usual to kids, however, with some little twists and turns can change its shape and can give it a whole new dimension of interest. Making balloon animals is a very easy and interesting way of earning your child's attention as well as appreciation. If you find making balloon animals, the best activity in the list of hobbies, it is necessary to master two twists viz. the basic twist and the lock twist. The basic twist is simply done by holding the balloon in two hands and winding it as is done while wringing clothes. Turning it around at least thrice makes it a good twist and reduces the risk of the twists opening up, which may disfigure the balloon animals. The balloon animals instructions presented through following paragraphs could be useful in pursuing this activity.

First take a 260 (a kind of long streamlined balloon) balloon and inflate it.
Second make three small twists creating bubble sections of around 2 inches, starting from the knotted end. Let's number the twists as 0 for the knot, 1 for the next twist and so on.
Third bring twist number 1 and 3 together and wind them together. Such a twist is called a lock twist.
This will leave the first bubble as the nose and next two bubbles will stick together as two little ears.
From now on the remaining bubble sections will be around 4-5 inches long each. Just like the first lock twist, make another twist by joining twist numbers 4 and 6. This will leave the bubble section adjoining the head as the neck and next two bubbles as forelegs.
The remaining part should be divided in 4 equal bubble sections. Repeating the procedure in point no. 4 exactly with twist numbers 7 and 9 leaves you with a body, two hind legs and a tail.
The length of nose, neck, body and tail can be adjusted to suit the animal of your choice.