Great Man

Writing a response to a written Text
  * Name text and author.
  * Answer the question. [E.g. Sephy was a very interesting character.]
  * Indicate the combination of features you are going to use to prove your statement. [e.g. first person narration, dialogue, role reversal or Romeo and Juliet]
  * Briefly indicate the link to an important idea[s]. [e.g. Sephy is interesting because she shows the suffering and conflict caused by prejudice]
First paragraph:
Briefly describe the character or idea or setting or relationship etc asked about, explaining how it is revealed in the text.
e.g.   Sephy is a member of the black Cross ruling class and the daughter of a prominent Cross politician. She has a close friend, Callum, but she is forbidden to see him as he a white nought, a member of the lower class who used to be slaves etc.
Second Paragraph
For each paragraph, use the formula SEXY to answer the question:
E.g. Sephy was made interesting because of her first person narration which made me feel I was reading the diary of a teenage girl who was like me. As the reader, I found out all her thoughts and emotions that not even her close friend, Callum always knew about.
Examples and explanations: You need at least two examples from the text, explained and supported by specific details and integrated quotations.
e.g. In her alternate passages of narration, Sephy   showed how she was an intelligent and sympathetic young girl who was different from other Crosses because she loved Callum, a white nought, and continued to see and help him in spite of her family’s opposition. However, we also find out she is quite protected and naive in her understanding of the prejudice and restrictions the McGregors have to cope with every day. She tells us that, ‘quote.’   Sephy also revealed the conflict caused when lovers are separated by prejudice when she speaks of struggle of deciding between Callum and their baby when she says, ‘quote.’...