Greaser and Socs

The Outsiders- Conflict On The Greasers And The Socs
  * The conflict is introduced early in the novel when Ponyboy talks about the Socs for the first time. “We get jumped by the Socs”.
  * The conflicts exist between the Socs and Greasers because of the difference between them.
  * Ponyboy remembers when Johnny had been badly attacked and badly hurt when he notices a red corvair following him.
  * Five Socs surround Ponyboy and start beating him when Ponyboy screams for help and the other Greasers arrive, and the Socs run off.
  * It appears to be a characteristic of the Socs that that they attack in numbers against one or two smaller victims.
  * Dally, who enjoys fighting, hates the Socs.
  * Chapter 2:
  * When Dally attempts to embarrass the girls at the drive- in, the girls refer to him as a Greaser. Ponyboy recognizes tone of her voice. “I had heard the same tone a million times: Greaser, Greaser.....Greaser. It shows thar the Socs look down at the Greasers.
  * The Socs girls speak to Johnny and Ponyboy after Dally leaves which is unusual. They would not normally communicate to each other.
  * After Ponyboy tells Cherry about Johnny’s beating she tells him that the Socs also have troubles. “Things are rough all over”. Cherry said.
  * Later Ponyboy thinks about what she said. He would be lucky if he had the Socs worries.
  * Chapter 3:
  * Cherry and Ponyboy discuss the differences between the Socs and the Greasers. They agree the main difference is their emotions. “Socs are cool to the point of not feeling anything. Ponyboy agrees.   “It’s not just money, its feeling, you don’t feel anything and we feel to violently.”
  * When Ponyboy and Cherry talk about seeing the same sunsey Ponyboy realises that worlds the two groups live in are not so different.
  * The Socs arrive and a fight almost breaks out. This conflict is directly due to the Greasers being with Socs girls.
  * The tension between the Socs and the Greasers is...