Grain Hulling Machine Usage Rules

Grain Hulling Machine Usage Rules

Only abiding by the GRAIN HULLING MACHINE USAGE RULES, can we ensure its normal running. With social development, people pay more and more attention to food nutrition. Grain food, as one of the healthy food, contains lots of nutrition. And with grain food consumption increasing, the market also keeps a watchful eye on grain hulling machine. Each grain hulling machine has its own usage rules.

1. When the squeezing quantity is low, and hulling and yield is abnormal, we should draw out the squeeze shaft and check the cage bar and the spiral shell abrasion circumstances. The wearing parts should be changed in time. Each lubrication part should prevent dust and other impurities intrusion. Each year we should check the engine oil quality of the reducer casing. If it goes bad, we should change all of the engine oil. This is quite important in grain hulling machine usage rules.

2. We should establish the criterion of “Goods Quality Is the First”for grain hulling machine usage rules. No quality, no market value. No quality, no market. No quality, no profit. No quality, no life. Therefore, try to ensure quality, yield, safety and low energy consumption. Try to improve hulling rate and yield rate on the base of good quality.

3. We should abide by the norm of “Old Machine, New Operation”. If the equipment is not advanced enough, we can still make it perform maximum efficiency by correct operation according to grain hulling machine usage rules.

4. Operate the grain hulling machine and strictly abide by the grain hulling machine usage rules. Do well in safety protection and maintenance. Strictly operate abiding by the rules to prevent error.

The season of harvesting corn is coming. And it is also the good opportunity for grain hulling machine sales. We hope that by the above analysis, you can improve grain hulling machine running efficiency in operation and abide by grain hulling machine usage value....