1.) What was Esther's cousin's name? - Mordecai.
2.) What was Haman's evil plan? - To kill all the Jews in the kingdom.
3.) Why was Esther nervous to tell the king about Haman's plan? - The king might be angry at her for not telling him she was Jewish, or for coming to the inner court without being called.
4.) Was the king angry with Esther? - No.
5.) What is the name of the festival that celebrates how God, through Esther, saved the Jewish people? - Festival of Purim.
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King Ahasuerus was the king of the Persian Empire, which ruled over many lands, including the Hebrew people. The king was looking for a wife and he fell in love with Esther, a beautiful Hebrew girl.
The king did not know Esther was Hebrew. Many people in the lands did not like the Hebrew people. Mordecai, who was Esther's cousin, was raising her because she had no parents. He told Esther not to tell anyone she was Hebrew.
King Ahasuerus and Esther were very happy together. But one day Haman, the king's assistant, made an evil plan to kill all the Hebrew people in Babylonia.
Mordecai learned of the plan and knew that only Esther could save them. He sent word to her that she must go to the king and tell him of the plan. She must reveal that she was Hebrew. "Who knows", said Mordecai, "perhaps you became queen for such a time as this."
Queen Esther knew she was risking her life. She knew the king might have her killed for not telling him she was Hebrew. He could even have her killed for entering the inner court without him calling for her.
Queen Esther went to the king. First she offered to provide two great feasts for the king and for Haman. The king was greatly pleased with Queen Esther.

The night after the first feast, the king could not sleep. He read some diaries on events in his kingdom. He learned how once Mordecai had saved King Ahasuerus from assassins. The king had not been told about this and so had never honored...