Graduation Party

It is time to invite your guests to your graduation party! Everything is all set for your big event, so now you just need to get the guests excited about attending! You will be creating a formatted and attractive invitation to your event and use Mail Merge to personalize the invitation. This is explained in "Mail Merge" found in this week’s online lectures accessed from the left-hand side of your classroom screen or you can select from these tutorials to refresh your memory.
  1. Create a new folder on your computer and call it W5A2_yourlastname
  2. Put the Guest List file, lastname_EventList.xlsx you created in Week 4, Assignment 1 in the folder you created.
  3. Following the directions about mail merge from this week’s online lectures, create an MS Word document (your invitation) and save it with the file name Lastname _GraduationPartyInvitation.docx in your new folder.
  * In your new document, provide a personalized greeting, including merge fields Fname and Lname. Use more merge fields, if desired, and make them match the column names in your file for lastname_EventInvitation.docx (the system will add the .docx extension when you save your file).
  * In the body of your document include:
      * A description of the event, including the entertainment and food that will be provided (this could just be lunch, dinner, or detailed food items if desired)
      * The information for the date of the party, the time of the party, the name of the location, and the address of the location
      * At least two images (pictures or clip art) to support your theme, placed appropriately around the page using appropriate WrapText properties
  * Your document should use
      * Two different fonts
      * Two different font colors
      * Two different font sizes
      * Bold, italic, or underline text formatting for emphasis.
      * At least 50 words total of text to advertise the party.
The invitation should fit on a single page when you...