Graduate Study Challanges

Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success
Going back to school after years of working was a difficult choice.   There are major challenges that will affect my studies during my aspiration to achieve a higher education.   These challenges will be effective time management, family, and financial.   Strategies will be explained for managing each of these challenges to achieve success while pursuing my graduate degree.
Personal Goals
Short-Term Goals
My short-term personal goal is to learn how to write a graduate level paper in the American Psychological Association format. I hope to achieve this goal within six months of beginning my graduate education. “Although a good idea or study can promote success, poor writing can easily undermine it (Milosevic & Radomsky, 2009).   To succeed I have to be clear, short, and have an appropriate style with my writing.
In order to meet my goal of mastering the APA writing format, I will use the Center for Writing Excellence to check my paper.   Each paper will be submitted to the Plagiarism Checker and WritePoint to improve my writing and research skills.
Long-Term Goal
My long-term personal goal is to graduate from the University of Phoenix with a graduate degree in nursing.   I plan to achieve this goal the end of the year 2013.   The steps I will use to achieve this goal will be to study daily.   I will also plan ahead and complete homework prior to the due date.   Lastly, I will seek assistance when needed to complete course work.  
Professional Goals
My short-term professional goal is to become a nurse educator to student nurses within a year of completing my graduate degree in nursing.   My long-term professional goal is to become a nursing supervisor.   I plan to achieve this position within 15 years.   The milestones I will take to achieve this goal will be to work in my current hospital facility and obtain for faculty adjunct positions at local schools or work as a clinical nurse specialist.   I plan to advance...