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Week-5 assignment template

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Student’s Name:   Nancy Villarosa

Text: Sevilla & Somers

Activity 17.1
In the first part of this activity, you will generate some data that should have an approximately normal (or bell-shaped) distribution. In the second part, you will use the definition of standard deviation and compare the standard deviations for two different data sets.   Work with a partner to generate the following data.

Toss 10 coins and record the number of heads you obtained.
Repeat this 24 more times until you have a list of 25 numbers, each of them between 0 and 10.

Organize the data set from b) the results of 24 tosses of 10 coins in a Excel file so that, the column B contains the number of times 0 heads was obtained in the 24 tosses of 10 coins, the column C contains the number of times 1 head was obtained in the 24 tosses, and so on, up to the number of times 10 heads was obtained.

Answer: Create a scatter plot of these data, using one of the versions of the scatter plot with the dots connected. Describe what your curve looks like, including where it is “centered” and what its “spread” is.

Please use cut and paste comment to place just the plot below.   Make sure that your plot does not exceed the margin of the table.   Your description should be below the plot in this box.

The center of the distribution appears to be on 5. The distribution is very symmetric with almost none of the results being extreme tails of the distribution. There were no 9’s, 10’s, or 0’s and only one 1, one 2, and one 8. Besides these extremes values,...