Grading System

Chapter I



          Some schools right now, especially those with huge numbers of students who are not yet using computerized based grading system has difficulty/problems concerning the records of grades of the students. The grades are the important record to keep even for the longest time for the referral and credentials of the student to enter their next level of attaining their goals. It is the tract record that recognizes of one student, this maybe use for analyzing of your attitude and values. Manual computation is very prompt to risk for any circumstances. It is time consuming in terms of recording grades, computation using of calculator. If some records are lost, they never retrieve it in case of unexpected calamity. Accuracy and security is not been so defined.

    Grading System is the most commonly used in computing and analyzing the performance, talent and skills of students. It is designed to provide incentive reward for achievement and assist in identifying problems of the student.

          The Computerized Grading System will help both the faculty staffs and the students to have easy access on the records and past records, the easier way. The said system will also lessen the staffs on consuming too much time recording and effort locating records of the students. It will also be connected to the schools’ website (if there is), for the students, so they can check their grades online. The staff in charge will do updating of grades.

    The Computerized Grading System will also be a convenience for the professors as well, because by this, delayed passing of grade will be prevented and class cards, certificate of grades, and transcript of records will be processed in a speedy way. By this, students would not wait for a long period just to get their papers processed. In case that a student...