Grading System

Subject Registration
Grading System
Gateways Institute of Science and Technology
Mandaluyong City

A Proposed Subject Registration and Grading System of Gateways Institute of Science and Technology

A thesis submitted to the faculty of Information and Technology System in partial fulfilment for the requirements in System Analysis and Design (SAD)

Argarin, Amber G.
Majaba, Jessa M.
Pilapil, Mary Grace
Villarete, Socrates DG.

January 14, 2016


Introduction and Background of the Study

  A.   Introduction

Contemporary society is changing fundamentally and rapidly. Schools are admittedly the most important agencies for meeting the problems that result from such changes. One of the objectives is to prepare students to live efficiently and to contribute the development of the community they live. If these students are to do these, schools must be responsive to the demands of the fast changing social order. This means that educational systems, goals and practices must be continuously evaluated.
In most schools, evaluation is done through the use of specific grading or marking system. Marking system is the set of policies and activities that lead to the production of marks. According to Hills (1981), this evaluation will ultimately be in some form of grade or report. The process of producing evaluation reports on students’ performance is called grading or marking.
Grading or marking is a controversial issue. It has always been there and there is no reason to think that the controversy will end. Thus, teachers need to have a sound understanding of the grading system is to be in a position to deal with the controversy and to maintain their own integrity as they cope with unavoidable and always difficult part of the teaching profession.   Furthermore, grading should be made to save teachers and the school in the anguish of reinventing the wheel so to speak. Maybe no teacher who has served for many years has escaped the...