Grading Sheets

V2.1 FM Date 10-14 Unit code   = NAD001-1         Assessment number =   1      
Criteria and marks available for each (100) | 1-34%Fail | 35-39%Marginal fail | 40-49%Satisfactory D range | 50-59%Good C range | 60-69%Commendable B range | 70-79%Excellent/ A range | 80-100%OutstandingA range | Self assess marks | Grader marks |
Focus on the assessment taskMarks = 20 | Clearly failed to address the task as set out in the guidelines. 7 | Failed to address some elements of the task set. The work lacks focus.8 | Had broadly addressed the task set but often in a superficial manner.10 | Had addressed the main elements of the task set but in a superficial manner at times.                     12 | Had addressed the main elements of the task set showing some depth at times.14 | Had focused with some depth on the key elements of the task set.16 | Had focused clearly, and in good depth, on all elements of the task set.20 | B | |
Issue handling and depth of discussionMarks = 20 | The selected issues are of little relevance and are handled in a very superficial way.7 | The relevance of the selected issues is superficial and limited comprehension is demonstrated.         8 | Some relevant issues are described and used but in a superficial manner.10 | Most relevant issues are described and some understanding of them is evident. 12 | The key relevant issues are described and understanding of them is evident.14 | A broad range of Issues are handled competently showing good understanding.16 | A broad range of relevant issues are selected and handled with evidence of some analysis.       20 | C | |
Presentation and written expressionMarks = 20 | Presentation is very poor, showing a significant lack of attention to detail. Written expression is poor with numerous errors seen.             7 | Presentation is poor, showing a lack of care. Written expression is also poor with numerous errors seen.8 | Presentation is acceptable but improvements could be made. Written...