Grad School Essay

1.What experiences led you to select your professional objectives?
My professional objectives are   ...’to work in a dynamic and challenging banking environment that provides opportunities to fully exploit my potential and a successful career, while being a useful and profitable asset in an organization committed to achieving set goals’.
In my choice of professional objectives, I felt that I would not be limited to a career and profession that has no opportunity for growth and experience. Banking has traditionally been a very conservative industry, adept in the art of conducting business using ‘tried and tested’ methods against a backdrop of a fast changing, technologically dependant and borderless business world. In the recent years, the industry has rapidly opened up to the real business world dynamics which, together with increased competition from traditional and non-traditional players such as mobile phone companies, has opened a lot of opportunity for growth. My experience in working in a large indigenous regional bank has been an exciting journey in the interaction between the workplace that I spend the larger part of the day, and the business world with which I interact as I provide service to the bank’s clients. This is one key experience that has led to the choice and reinforcement of my professional objectives
Banking has continued to present an abundant opportunity for growth and development in my career. Besides the experience of working in a rejuvenated banking industry, today’s bank customer is a much more enlightened individual or corporate entity, well aware of their rights, and ready to offer considered opinion about the service and product offering that they get from the bank. Banks have had to change radically to meet and exceed the expectations of these modern day clients. The interaction with these clients offers the opportunity to learn new ways of conducting banking business with the use of cutting-edge technology and best global practice,...