Gp Audio (Hk) Limited

Company Structure

GP Audio (HK) Limited is a manufacturing company for mainly producing   speaker and speaker component product. It had been already hold for forty years ago.

It also have around 200 staffs in Hong Kong office, 300 staffs in SZ office and 1500 staffs in HZ factory. Totally, the staff number of GP Audio (HK) Limited has around 2000 staffs.  

Hong Kong office

The Hong Kong office is as a head office for GP group. The main function of Hong Kong office is sales and marketing to follow all purchase order from customers and related vendor. It also seek the new customer and vendor to develop the company business.

The department in Hong Kong office is sales & marketing department, purchasing department, general managing department, shipping department, accounting department, IT department, human resource and administrative department, store and shop.  

The sales & marketing department is received the purchased order from the customer or vendor and follow up the process of the purchased order. It also collects the requirement of the product from customer and coordinate the communication between vendor & factory. The other function of this department is found the new customer or vendor to develop the new business.  

The purchasing department is collected the cost or price of the product material from the supplier. It also calculate the total cost of the product.  

The general managing department is mainly made the decision of the business project. It is also provided the approval of the product to deliver customer.

The shipping department is mainly arranged the shipment of the product to deliver the customer or vendor.

The store department is mainly to store the product in the warehouse and control the warehouse managing.

The shop is directly sold the company product to the customer and the retailer.

The account department is mainly to control the GP Group finance and account document. All payments also need to get...