Obama Care HealthCare
POL: American National Government
Marilyne McClendon
November 5, 2012

Thesis: Obama Care is the most talked about category concerning the needs of American people. It is critical to their life and health needs.

During the 2008, federal campaign, President Barack Obama placed a health care reform into action. While the United States was facing a problem in health care, it was a solution for the American people to have health coverage. While the insurance coverage was expanding, President Obama decided to reform the health care system at the beginning of his presidency. (
When President Obama took on this task after President Bush left, it is still very active. There are many people that are against it, and some people are for it.It is yet to see will this issue have a positive impact on the people, or will it be done away with. This issue is very alert today. Drawing on the historical perspective, this article addresses and analyzes health politics in the Obama administration. These are effects of existing institutions and policy legacy’s on social policy development. These articles’ was an impact of legislation enacted in March. Even though it does not break from the past, the legislation should bring changes to the United States health care system ( is a proposition for the state, they must comply with all federal programs.

With this program, is it really the individual mandate that requires every citizen to obtain healthcare coverage and benefit   law by President Obama on March 23.Americans have more freedom and control over their healthcare care choices. They don’t have to worry about premiums increases from insurance companies without accountability. One of the reasons it was passed was to bring down cost, by increasing insurance market competition, assisting those who cannot afford coverage, and reducing the cost of medical care. This law reduces healthcare cost for families and business and...