Government Involvement in Technology

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March 1, 2011
Government’s Involvement in Technology

A technological revolution has been taking place in our world since the discovery of electricity. We are all products of this rapid change by the advent of computers, cellphones, internet, and television. Information can now be sent at lighting speeds across the globe which has caused new advances in medicine, technology, science and everything in our walk of life. However, the government hasn't been as quick to catch up to these technological advances and it has caused the government to lose standing in it's security and effieceny of it's own documents. The world, which used to be run on paper documents has now switched to a electronic format due to convenience, archival purposes, and security. The government has, as of late, used this technology in a positive light and allowed everyday citizens to utilize these services to expedite their own goals. However, what are the consequences of these actions for placing things in a open format on a device? Has the government done the right thing by trying to make everything digital? These things were all major concerns, but technology, at this time, had proved itself more useful than harmful. However, a dark side of this technology came to light due to the unveiling of a service known as “Wiki Leaks” in the past few years. “Wiki leaks” is a non-profit organization which takes classified information from electronic sources and allows anonymous users to post it on their website. Users are encouraged to post files to Wikileaks to allow transparency in the government. Technology has caused the government to become more efficient, however the effects of this could be devastating to national security. Technology has caused positive and negative effects with government business and procedures.

The government has used technology to speed up the filing of forms and documents. Many of the fee's and...