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Basic information
Larry Page from Michigan and Sergey Brin from Moscow met each other in the Stanford university in 1995 men being 21-year-olds. In the university they used a web crawler, designed to traverse the web, called “BackRub” and in 1996 they wanted to rename it. After having a list of different names and hard thinking, the came in agreement with “Google”, pronounced “googol”in 1997. Larry and Sergey wanted the name to describe “a seemingly

infinite amount of information on the web”. By the end of 1998, Google had an index of about 60 million pages. Nowadays Larry Page works as a leader in productside since 2001 after still being responsible of the whole Google-company with Sergey Brin. He has been given a title “Global Leader for Tomorrow” from the World Economic Forum-organization and with Sergey they share a “Marconi”-price. Sergey Brin, an articlewriter, works in the technical side of the company and has been seen in “Charlie Rose Show”, CNBC and CNN telling about issues from technique and ABC World News Tonight named both Larry and Brin as the “Persons of the Week” in 2004.

Google has acquired total of 83 companies during the past 10 years. Majority of these companies are located in the San Francisco Bay area and in USA generally. Most of the companies business areas are related to softwares, internet, applications and mapservices(Google Earth/google maps). DoubleClick is an advertising company as the most expensive acquisition with a value of 3,1 billion US dollars.

Google has been increasing the amount of new acquisitions during this year, over 20 out of 83 have been acquired in 2010 although the market values haven’t been relatively high per company. A year ago, Google had 65% of the US search market. In April, Google had 64.4% of the US search market. This after an amazing decade in which...