Google's Market Change in China

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Google‘s market changes in China


1. Introduction                                             2
2. The situation                                           2
2.1 An overview of the situation                             2
2.2 Description of the company                             3
2.3 Rationale                                             3
3. Analysis of the situation                                   4
3.1 Strengths                                             5
3.2 Weaknesses                                           7
3.3 Opportunities                                           8
3.4 Threats                                               8
4. Response and evaluation of response                     9
5. Conclusion                                             11
6. References                                             12

  1. Introduction
Google which was founded in 1998 is considered as one of the leading internet technology companies in the world (Datamonitor, 2010). In 2006 Google entered China’s market; unfortunately, in 2010 Google closed its China-based internet search services in Chinese mainland and moved it to Hong Kong because of the following reasons: firstly, Google was attacked by Chinese hacker who had not only stolen Google’s source code, but also had broken into its Gmail accounts of China’s human rights activists; secondly, Google had grown frustrated with complying with Chinese authority’s internet censorship rules (Drummond, 2010).   These market changes of Google had great effects on Chinese internet users and Chinese internet search engines companies (Yueguang, 2010).

In this essay, the author will firstly describe Google’s situation in China in 2010 and express why he has chosen Google as his case study. Then he will use the SWOT model to analyze Google’s situation in China and evaluate Google’s response to its...