Good Roommates

How to Be a Good Roommate
I have not lived alone for the past two years and a month, which means that I have had to share my room with others during this long time. When I first went to college, I began to live with roommates. During this period, I have discovered some rules about how to get along well with roommates. In other words, I have learned how to be a good roommate.
The first way to be a good roommate is to find some similar experiences or hobbies with your roommates to become familiar with them quickly. When I first moved into the new dormitory, I felt a little weird and uncomfortable because there were six people in total, but everyone was a stranger to the other people. After I saw one roommate take a basketball from his backpack, I realized that maybe he liked playing it. Thus, I began to talk to the guy with the basketball, and then the other roommates took parting in our conversation. In this way, we quickly learned some basic information about each other, so we often played basketball like a mini-team.
Besides, an important quality needed to be a good roommate is to understand and respect your roommates in many areas such as in culture, in religion, and so on. For example, there was a Muslin guy living in the room next to ours. One day, we heard some noise from his room and that because of a fight between him and his roommate. When we made them stop fighting and asked them why, he told us with anger that the guy who was fighting with him used the word “pig” to make a joke about him to his face. This thing happened two years ago, but I still think that guy was too mean, and this is not a correct thing for a good roommate to do. After the fight, the Muslin guy moved out. I believed that his memory about this part would be a scar in his life.
The third rule of being a good roommate is to ask for less and contribute more. When I write this part, I cannot help thinking about one thing which happened after I had arrived in America. I had an argument...