The first hole has a slight dog leg right and you have to proceed with caution as there is a water hazard just over the first hill and a line of trees to your left. It is also a par four with 349 yards to the green from the blue tees, 326 from the white, and 217 from the red which are also known as the ladies tee’s. Since I had never been on an actual golf course before, I learned very quickly proper golf etiquette. To put it simply, you don’t speak while someone is about to swing. As Dan teed off I noticed the stance, knees bent not his back, head down, and eye on the ball. The quick swoosh and ping of his driver sent chills down my spine as his ball was sent flying down the left side of the fairway. A beautiful shot left him but a short chip and he would be on the green. It was my turn, taking my stance and following through, I drove the ball but down the right side and over the hill. Now it was Marks’s turn, he drove his ball right down the right side of the fairway a truly splendid start, or so I thought.
When we reached the hill and I saw the pond, I knew my ball had gone for a swim. I had to take a drop at the steep right side of the green. This blew the first hole for me, as I was not off to a good start. Dan and Mark both dropped in for a par and we started up the shiny red carts for the second hole. The second tee is just around that same pond and overlooks it as the green is just to the opposite end. This is a par three with good reason for it is only 171 yards from the blue tee, making for a easy yet difficult par. The pond was so calm you could see the area surround as if it were trapped in a mirror. Geese and golfers don’t mix, as they always seem to line the greens and leave their last meal all over the freshly manicured landscape.