Goldman's Jackpot

Michael Maender
Jeff Seeburger
Personal Finance
5 May, 2011
“Goldman’s Jackpot”

      Greetings and congratulations on your recent windfall, Mr. Goldman.   We are pleased that you have chosen us to ensure your retirement is financially fit.   The following pages are simply a guide based on the information you revealed to us in an earlier interview.   Plus, as per your request, the entire investment package is comprised solely of mutual funds.
      Let’s begin by reviewing your personal profile, which will allow us to outline your asset allocation.   This allocation is based upon your current status at 33 years of age and in the 25% tax bracket, supporting two young children and a stay-at-home mom.   We also discovered that you desire to be not only debt free by the time you retire in twenty five years, but also desire to have your net worth equal 2 million in assets.   Again, we believe that when you combine your risk willingess and your family’s health and life expectancy history, along with our direction, that you will meet your financial retirement objectives.
      The remainder of this guide is an asset allocation strategy.   Simply put, it is wealth distribution.   Even simpler, where you are choosing to put your money based on your financial needs at the time of retirement combined with, in this case, the ability to cope with risk.   Allowing us to care for your money, has already eliminated the biggest risk of all, which is not taking one at all.   Again, we thank you for the opportunity to grow your wealth.
      Let’s begin by examining your allocation in a pie chart starting with the largest portion, then working toward the smallest.   As you can see the dominant piece, or 30 percent, is represented with international or global funds.   We chose to divide that 30 percent three ways; placing 50 percent into the Matthews China Investor fund, 25 percent into the Columbia European Equity fund and another 25 percent into the DWS Latin American Equity...