Golden Retrievers

Composition and Communication II
April 23, 2011
Renting an apartment is a better option than buying a house because, more money is saved on maintenance, when owning a home it could be more difficult to relocate if needed, and not gaining equity or losing it.
More money is saved on maintenance when you rent.   When renting, tenants are not responsible for cost of repairs/ maintenance.   When there are repairs that need to be done such as, broken lights, plumbing problems, leaking faucets, it is up to the landlord to make the repairs. When you own your home it is the responsibility of the home owner and this can be very costly. For example, when I owned my home it was very difficult for me and my husband because he is not a handyman. When we needed to get repairs done in the house we had to hire someone to get them done. I spent six thousand dollars getting my kitchen remodeled in my house for damages done by the previous owner. If I did not own my house and I rented it, instead of six thousand dollars coming out of my pockets, it would come from the landlord. I’m sure that everyone would rather use six thousand dollars on something else, rather than spending it on repairing a kitchen.  
Tom and John Mills posted an article called Buying vs. Renting. In this article it was stated that, “Renting offers flexibility. You can up and move with much greater ease……” When owning a home it could be more difficult to relocate if needed. Selling a house is not easy and it’s a long process. Depending on whether your house was in foreclosure and you are going to do a short sale, where you walk away from the house not gaining or losing anything, or you actually want to get money from the house   your selling will determine how long it will take. Doing a short sale would be more convenient for someone who has back payments and would not want to pay them, but the majority of the time people who regularly pay their bills but just want to move, usually takes them up to two years to...