Gojamessport Online

GoJamesSport is the best assembled bike you can buy. All production bikes arrive 90%
pre-assembled and are built by most shops in 30 minutes or less. We spend a minimum
of two hours putting your bike together. Frame and fork alignments are checked
first. Then every bolt is removed and greased, cables and housing are cut to correct
length, bottom bracket and headset are adjusted, and wheels trued.

We view every customer as a customer for life and instill this philosophy in our
employees to assure the complete satisfaction of every shopper. We continually
evolve to satisfy our customer and work arround the clock to update our site with
the newest products, useful new features and realible content. From browsing our
intuitive and information-rich website, to purchasing and delivery to your door, we
utilize the latest e-commerce and Internet technologies to provide order status
information, tracking number, safe and secure transactions. So we can GUARANTEE 100%
security of your purchase.

We are also committed to practice good corporate governance by emphasizing to all
our people the importance of holding on to the highest ethical principles. While
continuing to maintain their health and safety through an excellent working
practices and strict quality control, and striving to improve the welfare and living
standards for all employees and our customers.

We believe that it is our vision and mission to provide innovative products with
best service and price as competitive as possible to enhance our clients business.
As a result, customer and consumers worldwide will reward us with leadership sales,
profit, and value creation, allowing our people and the communities in which we live
and work to prosper. We believe our business is built on relationships with our
customers, partners, investors, employees, and with the communities where we live
and work. To keep those relationships strong, our goals are simply stated: no cheats
to customers, no...