Going to Far

a) Chapter 11:   Write one paragraph of definition about any one of topics 1-12 on pp. 144-146.  Be sure to follow analysis by definition paragraph conventions as explained in chapter 11.
2. “Going Too Far”
We all want to be good parents, but being an overprotective extremist is going too far. Being overprotected of your children can cause your child to not develop as individuals and become independent. I recently found myself being overprotected of my 2 year old son. To me at this age it’s not that big of a deal to be overprotected of my son, but I know as he gets older I’m going to have to loosen up. I also believe that with most parents it’s our human natures that have us so protected over our kids. We spend so much time trying to make sure they don’t hurt their self, that we neglect the fact that we may be hindering their process of becoming independent.
b).Chapter 12:   Write one argument paragraph about any one of topics 1-28 on pp. 155-6.  Be sure to follow process analysis paragraph conventions as explained in chapter 8.
4. “The high price of steroids studliness”
Every man wants to have that macho man look, but steroids are not the way to go about doing it. There are a number of problems that can arise from the use of steroids. In case where a young man turns to steroids for that buff look, he doesn’t even realize what he is getting himself into, because steroids have been known to stunt their growth. Another reason steroids shouldn’t be taken is because it has also been known to shrink your testicles. I know me myself, that’s all I would have to know about steroids that would convince me to not take steroids. However some people still consider taking steroids to obtain that buff look.