Going Global

MGT 680: Individual Project Unit 1 (ToolsCorps Corporation)
Marcus Johnson
AIU Online

This paper will examine the Tools Corps Corporation and how they can break into the global market for the company. Also there will be a discussion about their mission statement and future goals. Moreover, this paper will explore the many different ways to implement the mission as well as the plan to help Tools Corps Corporation get into the global market business. Furthermore, there will be legal and ethical issues to be discuss in this paper that will have to be considered in order for things to go smoothly.

ToolsCorps Corporation
ToolsCorps Company in Tennessee, that builds power tools, lawn mowers, outdoor furnishings, microwaves, and varieties (Unit 1 Individual Project, 2013). All products are manufactured locally and listed through massive retailers like Sears, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart (Unit 1 Individual Project, 2013). They have sale papers inserted in each Wednesday and Sunday paper (Unit 1 Individual Project, 2013). Whereas they need a flourishing enterprise within the U.S. and North American country, ToolsCorps is endeavoring to shatter into the worldwide marketplace (Unit 1 Individual Project, 2013).
Mission Statement
We believe that our first responsibility is to our customers. Tools Corps strives to manufacture high-quality products that will be useful for civilization, and to provide trustworthy service to the intense community at reasonable prices. ToolsCorps is devoted to be successful as a global competitor. We our continually strive to develop technology that will enhance our business globally.  To serve the global needs for tools in ways of profit and growth that will benefit our customers. Our philosophy is that our customer are important to us, they come first. Tools Corps is committed to get advancing in the global market world through the energy and dedication of our employees. To share high-quality tools globally with whom we do business...