"Going for Broke" Reflection

“Going for Broke” was a really inspiring movie. The movie depicts the efforts of the Japanese-Americans to prove their loyalty to America during World War II. During World War II, Japanese-Americans were not trusted and discriminated against. After the Pearl Harbor attack, Japanese-Americans were classified as enemy aliens and stripped off their rights. They were also imprisoned forcefully. There was a lot of segregation during this time. Japanese-Americans were kept out of certain areas and separated in bathrooms, drinking fountains, and others.
I never realized that there was a discrimination against Japanese until I watched this movie. Most of them did nothing wrong. But, what really surprised me was that many Japanese-American women also served in the military. Many Japanese-Americans sacrificed their lives and were willing to protect America in order to prove their loyalty. This shows me that they were brave and truly patriotic for America. The quote, “They believed in America when America no longer believed in them”, inspired me. This showed me that even though people don’t believe you, you should be confident in yourself and still believe in yourself.
The Japanese-American teams especially the 100th and 442nd were helpful in the war because as George Takei had said that this team became the most highly decorated regiment. The team was sent to Italy and France while the other Japanese-Americans stayed in internment camps. I also learned that Senator Daniel Inouye was on the 442nd team. For the Japanese-Americans’ service, many of them had received various medals and all Japanese-Americans’ names were written on the “Go for Broke” monument in California. One even sacrificed his life by covering a bomb using his body to save the others. Some got the highest military award, the Congressional Medal of Honor. They deserve these awards that they get. I just wish that they were alive to get those awards.