Google Relationship with China

    Google the Web Company started with a simple mission statement of “do no evil.” In 2006 when Google announced that it would do business with China despite their restrictions on information and human rights abuses, Google was the subject of investor and customer scorn. Google agreed to block the Chinese residents from Web sites that the Chinese government deemed “revolutionary.” These Web sites included sites on democracy and English-speaking news organization sites.
A guiding force behind top managements’ decision should be the mission statement. At the same time, the mission statement should not be carved in stone; it should be periodically reviewed to ensure it is up to date and reflects market needs in a dynamic, global economy. (R. W. Melcher, 2009)
. China is a huge market no search firm can afford to ignore. Also, I do think it’s good for Google to have a presence in China, and for Chinese citizens to have at least some access to Google. Engagement can yield considerable benefits, however it happens. Never underestimate the power of serendipity. This seems pretty clear: Google needs the Chinese market more than the Chinese government needs Google.
Let’s look at the raw power dynamics in this situation:
1. Currently, the Chinese government almost entirely controls its population’s access to the internet. This is unlikely to change anytime soon.
2. Any company wishing to serve the Chinese online market must play nice with the Chinese government.
3. Google has competitors-which means the Chinese government has options.(D. Taylor, http://www.contentious.com)
          Google used their core values and spirit of ingenuity that made them a successful search engine and monetized the net for the masses through...

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