God Will Hunting

The movie Good Will Hunting is a film of friendship emotions and a love story. The film was released December 5th, 1997 and was nominated for nine academy awards winning two. The cast and authors are Matt Damon and Ben Affleck; Damon acts the part of a man in his late teens named Will Hunting. Will is extremely intelligent, clever and shy. Will’s biological father was a violent man which led Will to live in several foster homes. Will got in trouble with the law and has to work as a janitor at the prominent MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Will has a gift of solving complex mathematical equations, which he secretly keeps to himself. Co-star and author Ben Affleck who plays the role of Wills best friend Chuckie Sullivan. Sullivan is essentially the best friend who chauffeurs Will around since he has no driver’s license.

I will concentrate on two main points that I believe made an impression on society. These two scenes show how society labels people on the way they look, talk, dress and there career choice.
As the movie begins you witness Will moping the hall outside of Professor Lambo lectures his class. Lambo presents the class with a mathematical equation to solve. As Will is mopping the floor he sees the professor writing the problem on the chalk board. Later you notice the problem is solved, its apparent Will solved it. Professor Lambo leaves the chalk the board outside the room with difficult problems. Will secretly solve them until the professor catches Will and he accuses him of ruining someone else’s work. The professor realized he was wrong and will is the one who solved them all.    
The next point is when Will meets a college Yale student named Skyla played by Minnie Driver at the university college bar. Then scene starts off as Chuckie tells Skyla that he has seen her in History class which he is clearing lying. Another college student intervenes and begins asking Chuckie questions only someone in the class would know. Will jumps in and...