God of the Oppressed

Melissa Hershberger
Liberation and theology
Regina Shands Stoltzfus
May 7, 2012
God of the Oppressed
James H. Cone is wrote God of the oppressed, to show his approach to theology through an African American perspective. From living with the Jim Crow laws he experienced these things first hand. James doesn’t just take his perspective but tries to add other ones like the scripture and European white theological establishments. His belief is that black theology is the answer to hermeneutics. He sees that the bible says that scripture states that God in Jesus is liberator of the oppressed from various things like social oppression and political struggle.
That God is there and recognizes the struggle that they have as they fight against poverty and injustice. He looks at Jesus as black that he was in this world as a black man struggling with slavery and is fighting for the justice of the oppressed. He also goes on to state that Jesus is a Jew. He looks at both the past and present problems that the African Americans face in this world. He goes on to later state that the oppressors (whites) made themselves unqualified because of their oppression, and that the Christian ethics can only be done among the blacks and oppressed community.
He later comes to state that reconciliation can only come about between white and black, and that when white people want to become black and follow a black Jesus until the world is just. He also says that “there can be no forgiveness of sins without repentance and no repentance without the gift of faith to struggle with and for the freedom of the oppressed.” Whites have to die to whiteness and then are reborn to face the struggles of white oppression and liberation of the oppressed, he then goes on to state that they are then able to feel the struggle that blacks have on a daily basis. He then goes on to say that reconciliation is a gift given to blacks from God for being oppressed. He goes on to state that reconciliation can’t come...