Goals is a process of deciding what’s wanted and devising a plan to achieve the results desired. Often times people set long and short term goals to achieve whatever desired. As a child my parents always told us to always set goals and you are capable of doing anything you put your mind to. My goals in life consists of pursuing a degree in health administration, become a nurse, and be the best that I can be.
Pursing a degree in health administration/nursing is something I have always wanted to do because of my love for people. When I was seven years old my three year old cousin Brandon was involved in a horrible car accident which left him paralyzed on the right side of his body and only forty percent of brain activity. After being hospitalized for three months he finally came come and   he had a feeding tube, traceaca, and was unable to do anything for himself. Because this was my favorite cousin My parents allowed me to go over every other weekend to help care for him. I experienced feeding him through a feeding tube, bathing him, helping him do his physical therapy exercise that I learned from the physical therapists, and changing pampers. As his parents and nurses saw progress especially when I would go over I begin to go every week and I could get him to do things his physical therapists couldn’t do.   At a young age I then decided that I wanted to be a nurse because I really enjoyed helping to   take care of him. Helping someone else feel better warms my heart and it makes me feel even better to know I helped put a smile on someone’s face. Every since then I have always wanted to be a pediatric nurse or care for the elderly. I know this is destined for me because of the joy it gives me just by caring for family members and even strangers. I have set these goals for myself and I will achieve them although it will not be easy but well worth it.
Setting goals is very important and plays a major role in one’s life. Often times we really don’t know how capable...